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Download GIS4Mobile

You can download and work with the GIS4Mobile app from App-Store or from Google play.See GIS4Mobile App…

The app costs nothing and you can use it to work with the public layers.

For 30 days you will be able to register data into the public layers. After 30 days you will only be able to browse the maps. Please note that data you register in the public layers can be removed without warning.

GIS4Mobile account
If you wish to work with your private data you need to open a GIS4Mobile account. See prices. – or Contact Us

Download GeoSync

GeoSync is the utility that enables you to perform a 2-way syncronization – between the mobile users datastorage and the company GIS/database.

If GeoSync is executed on a regular basis it asures that local and global data are equal and everybody is using the same data.

GeoSync is available in different versions.

The program will require a license code – which is available from



GeoSync model Formater Link
Generel version Shape, Oracle, PostGIS, MSSql, MS Access, MapInfo Download 32 bit version
Download 64 bit version
MapInfo MapInfo Tab format Download 32 bit version 
Download 64 bit version 
GeoMedia GeoMedias Access, MS Sql etc. Download
ArcGIS Geo Database Download til ArcGIS 9.3
Download til ArcGIS 10
MicroStation dgn-file and database Download

GeoSync can be downloaded, installed and used, but if run without the License Code only parts of the utility will work.

GIS4Mobile app – Installation

GIS4Mobile app – Installation

The free GIS4Mobile app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile 6.5. Windows Phone is under development.

Link to GIS4Mobile in iTunes Store:
GIS4Mobile i iTunes

For Android-based devices the app can be found in Google Play:
GIS4Mobile i Google Play

Installation on Windows Mobile-based devices is described here:

1. Install Dot-net framework:
2. Install Sqllite (database):
3. Install GIS4Mobile app:
For updates, reinstalling the third link (GIS4Mobile app) is enough.


The functions depends on the users settings, and can therefore differ from what is described underneath.

Buttons on the screen

On the screen is typically a map and five buttons.

The 5 buttons have following use:

1. sync Sync Icon Sync

gps2. Zoom to GPS

maps3. Map and Data

reg4. Register

menu5. Menu

Synchronize data between the mobile device and the server.

Center the map to your current GPS position.

Opens a new window where you can select a background map and registrated data layer

Provides various options depending on whether the theme that is recorded contains points, lines or areas.

Displays a menu of various options.


On the app, the user must enter name and password to get a userprofile – Access to necessary data and functions relative to the company and task is granted hereby.

Background map

The work is done with a background map on the screen.

The map can be one of the well-known from Google, or the company’s own map – which is distributed via WMS.

If establishing a WMS-service isn’t an option, GIS4Mobile can be of assistance – call us for a special offer.

Collection of data

With the GIS4Mobile app you can collect data in the field.

Points, lines and surfaces can be registered, and to every registration a number of informations can be tied – as well as a photo, taken with the phone’s camera.

The registered data depends on the settings, which the customer can adjust through the user-friendly web administration system.

When data is registered it is shown on the map. The system can be configured to change color according to the kind of data registered.

For example firehydrants can change color when they have been attended, or a pothole in the road can be colored according to priority.

When a registration is completed, the data is immedietly uploaded to the GIS4Mobile cloudservice, where they are safe, and can be transfered to the company.

Click for info

When this function is chosen, you must point on a place on the map, whereafter the infopage is shown, and details on the site in question can be gathered.

The info-window is shown in the phones webbrowser, so to return to GIS4Mobile the browserwindow must be shut down.

No network? No problem!

If you happen to go to a spot without internet coverage, registrations can still be made.

The registration can be done without a background map, with the help of the GPS alone. If there isn’t any phone-network available, the registration will be stored for when you are once again within reach of the network.

You do, however, have an option to ensure that the backgroundmaps are shown. The simple way is to pan the map to the area without coverage before moving into it.

Another possibility is to have the data pre-generated home at the office and transfered to the device through a special program. Contact GIS4Mobile to hear more about this possibility.