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About GIS4Mobile

Mobile GIS

GIS is used to tie information to a map.

GIS4Mobile utilize modern smartphone-technology to do it in a safe and efficient way.

GIS4Mobile allows you to work with map and data in the field. And the data that is gathered can be transferred automatically to the company’s GIS/database, just like the data of the company can be published to the mobile users.

GIS4Mobile can be tailored to fit all your needs, including integration with your existing map- GIS- and database systems.

GIS4Mobile is standard software, that via configurations can be adapted to each users or company’s wishes and needs. The system is based on that companies creates a profile, which grants them access to a private database, and private configurations and settings.

GIS4Mobile is developed as a unified system, which can be described as 3 parts:

  • Mobile utilities with the GIS4Mobile app installed
  • The GIS4Mobile Cloud service
  • Integration with the company’s database /GIS

See “FAQ” for more about GIS4Mobile.

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Control Panel

Users and administrators can use the links on this page to configure the GIS4Mobile system, as well as control the collected data.

Inspect collected data in a Webbrowser:

Via link kan de indsamlede oplysninger ses, rettes og downloades.

If you have tried the free version, you can find the data here. Use the following:
Username: g4m/demo 
Password: demo

Configure user profiles:

All users of GIS4Mobile use the same app, which has been downloaded and installed on the smartphone.
Depending on the userprofile, different opportunities are achieved for users from different organisations.

The company’s GIS4Mobile administrator can create and change userprofiles via:

Database admin

Collected data is stored in a database on the GIS4Mobile cloud service.

The company’s GIS4Mobile administrator can create and modify the databases via:

For WMS setup

Contact us for instructions.

User profile set up / Service Intervals

Service intervals

The GIS4Mobile app has a useful feature that the signatures shown on the map can be displayed in color according to the recorded data.

With the described configuration, it is possible to control the color change associated with a date field, so that the color changes (for example) when the date is exceeded.

The intention is that the operator can check for equipment needing service by checking the color.

How do you do it?

The Function and configuration is reviewed here with the following example:

Her vises et eksempel hvor der er registreret 3 containere, der skal tømmes med et bestemt interval.

I henhold til sidste tømningsdato og tømningsinterval vises signaturen:

  • Grøn: Skal tømmes om 1 dag, eller senere
  • Gul: Skal tømmes idag.
  • Rød: Skulle tømmes igår eller før.

In the color setup select the date for the “Last Service” under Select attribute. (The field name is optional, but it must be a date field).

When a date field is selected it activates the special functions. Under Value we can now select some operators, while there can be selected an additional field name.

In the example we used the field “Service Interval” – which determines how many days must elapse between each service.

With this interval field, the different operators we achieve the desired effect.

The three operators that can be used are:

before: The date chosen field + interval field to give a date BEFORE today.
equals: The selected date field + interval field to give a date = current date.
After: The chosen date field + interval field to give a date AFTER today’s date.

The three operators require that you select 1 date field and a field service interval.

Setting up the symbology

The way this is achieved is in User Profile to define the color as follows:

Updating the date field

The date of last emptying or inspection (in this case the “Last Service”) needs to updated automatically when the container is emptied.

We ensure this by defining the area as follows (see right):

When the field’s method is set to Phone time the field is updated with the time the operator “clicks” the icon on the screen, and thereafter “clicks” OK.

Maps in GIS4Mobile

HERE maps istead of Google Maps

In March 2015, we were contacted by Google, who stated the use of Google Maps was not in accordance with their guidelines.

We have therefore decided to stop the use of Google Maps.

Instead we offer the following to users:

See below examples of the different types of maps:

HERE Hybrid

Google Hybrid

The use of Google maps in GIS4Mobile stopped in May 2015

OSM (Open Street Map)

Google Normal

The use of Google maps in GIS4Mobile stopped in May 2015

HERE Maps Normal
NOTE: house numbers on the map